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Gala Ceremony
Please refer the Schedule section about the Gala Ceremony Details.

You can have a look at the schedule at  https://bestofbestawards.com/schedule
If the Gala Ceremony is scheduled for the award program, You can book our Gala Ceremony package to attend the Gala Ceremony.

We offer a Complimentary Gala Ceremony entry passes in the Gala Ceremony package. 

  • The Gala Ceremony package includes RIGHTS TO USE Winner Title, Award logo, Brand name and Winner announcement.
  • You are required to order any one of the winner package below to get the RIGHTS to use the winning title, International Spa & 

Important Notes :
  • We have allotted Limited gala Entry complimentary passes for the Ceremony . Gala Ceremony complimentary entry passes mentioned in the below package are based on First Come First Serve basis and Subject to availability.  The complimentary Gala Ceremony entry passes are not refundable or not en-cashable if all the allotted complimentary entry passes are not available.
  • Trophy & Plaques ( as per the booked package ) will be distributed at the Gala Venue to the winners who attend the gala ceremony
  • The Gala ceremony invitation /entry passes on complimentary basis and no charges are included in the package
We are sorry to hear that you are not able to attend the Gala Ceremony.

Incase if you are not able to attend the Gala Ceremony, We shall ship all the winner materials by courier. Please note that the shipping charges are applicable. You can check with our team for the exact shipping charges.
Since this is a Business Award Gala Ceremony, We do not allow children less than 22 years old. The entry will be declined if you attend the Gala Ceremony with children less than 22 years old.
For Men : 
Business Suite  or Traditional or Cultural Attire

For Women : 
Cocktail Gown or  Party-wear or Gala Gown or Business Suite

NOTE : Entry will be restricted if anyone visit our gala ceremony with casual attire
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